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The Green Ribbon Campaign was founded by FERT (Ferret Education & Research Trust) as a means to create a symbol that focuses on 'FERRET WELFARE'.


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Ferret Welfare Green Ribbon


Whilst the ribbon itself is not representative of any one single charity, organisation or club, it does allow those interested parties to show their support for the care and welfare of one single animal - the domesticated ferret.

The ferret was been subject to a lot of bad press over the years; ranging from being a smelly animal that has a habit of biting people to that of an animal used as a means of pub humour by trying to keep one down your trousers for as long as possible. Whilst those people who keep or appreciate ferrets for what they really are; hard working hunting animals or a friendly companion animal, will know the truth, the aim of the ribbon campaign is a means to spread knowledge, awareness and pride about the animal which we care so much about


The history of the ferret dates about almost 3000 years where it is thought that Ancient Egyptians kept them as a mean of vermin control; it is believed this to be the case as felines (cats) were held very much in high regard and worshiped as Gods therefore it is reasonable to surmise that they would not use or keep their 'Gods' for such a menial task.

It was nearly 1000 years later that the Romans invaded Britain and at that time not only introduce rabbits as a means of food but also ferrets as a method of catching that food and still today ferrets are actively used an eco-friendly way to control rabbit populations in the wild. Through knowledge, respect and close relationship with their working animals, the modern day hunter uses ferrets to effectively achieve a goal.

In more recent times ferrets have been kept as pets or companion animals. This has recently been well documented in the nations media with articles and features seen in newspapers and also on television and radio. The ferret is an animal which the modern public has taken to its hearts.

Show you care!

By wearing a ribbon with pride on National Ferret Day or on any day of the year, the wearer identifies the need that the ferret requires a level of care it deserves. Through education and promoting proper practise, the welfare of the ferret can be enhanced to ensure they remain fit, healthy and thrive in care of their owners. Ferrets are not difficult animals to care for; they require specific dietary requirement but this is easily supplied through commercially available foods. They also have a number of health requirements but again these are easily dealt with through a proper understanding of the animal. More information about ferret care is available via the FERT website at www.ferrettrust.org

How do get your ribbon

Ribbons are available through this website.
By using the PayPal donation option on the right-hand side of this website you can make your purchase as well as a small donation to our charity. £1.00 goes towards the purchase of the ribbon, 50p towards the postage and a 50p donation to the charity.
All profits from the sale of the ribbons goes back into promoting ferret welfare, there are no administration fees or hidden agendas.

Make the decision today - if you buy one ribbon this year then make it a green one for ferret welfare!

Our goal

The Ferret Education & Research Trust; as the founding charity behind National Ferret Day in the UK, it is our aim to educate the public about the domesticated ferret, to ensure it is respected as a working animals as well as a companion animal (we see no difference, you care for one the same as the other) and also to work with other organisations who have the same goal.

FERT is the first dedicated national registered charity within England and Wales which aims to promote the care and welfare of the domesticated ferret. It has strong ties with various other ferret organisations and welfares; international, national and also those operating in a local capacity.

It was our group intention to establish a charitable cause that would be able to support the fundraising of other ferret welfares around the UK and also to offer a means to educate and inform the public regarding the plight of this hard working and much maligned animal.

To learn more about the projects of FERT and its structure, please click here

Thank you!


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